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Randy's Rain Gutters appreciates the incredible testimonials from some of our valued customers. We strive to provide services that merit testimonials with every job we do!

I would like to thank Randy for his honesty on a problem I had on my rain gutters. After explaining how my gutters were overflowing on my second story and how I thought they needed to be cleaned. Settling on a fair price, he decided to start  immediately. After about 15 minutes he knocked on my door, and said he found the problem. We went outside and as he was climbing the ladder he explained there was a tennis ball blocking the drain hole. Those gutters must have been full because when he got it out it started gushing water. He explained he checked the rest of the gutters and they were clean. While he was putting things away he said he couldn't charge me for one tennis ball but asked if I would recommend him to family and friends. After the shock wore off I said yes of course. It is nice to know there is a company around who is honest, and not trying to rip you off. So thank you Randy and you will be getting a call from my parents for their house. GREAT JOB!!


- Stephanie L

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Oxnard, CA



Randy's Raingutters is a fantastic company for raingutters. Randy (the owner) was prompt and punctual in arriving to give an estimate. He was professional, knowledgable and his prices were reasonable.
One of the best parts about this company is that Randy is the guy who actually installs the raingutters! You get what was promised because you're always dealing with the owner!

On the day of the installation, there was slight hiccup in that there was an area of the house we had talked about putting raingutters on, but had never made it to the estimate. Since it was his error, Randy had the integrity to absorb the costs of the extra raingutters without charging me.

The installation went smoothly and was done in a timely manner. A few days later, there was a very minor issue with the downspout. Randy came out within a day and fixed the problem. Excellent customer service in that with other installers you sometimes have to chase them down for weeks!
I highly recommend Randy's Raingutters! Now it's time for some rain!


- Troy S

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Moorpark, CA


Randy is awesome!  Randy came out to my BF's mom's house to fix the down spouts and he did a great job. She was really happy with Randy's work.  He is friendly, efficient, and flexible with matching your schedule.  We would not hesitate to use him again and recommend him to everyone!


- Chris L

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San Francisco, CA


I recently painted my house and had decided to install the rain gutters myself.  I'm a pretty capable DIY'er, doing everything from rebuilding an engine to construction and electrical.  The longest gutter span was 40ft long (and about 20ft high), and after looking into it I realized I wouldn't be able to install it in one piece.  I didn't want seams, so I figured this is one job I'd have to contact a professional for (I also was a bit concerned about risk of working on the top of a 25ft ladder).  I called a few businesses, and Randy was by far the most professional and helpful over the phone.  He came by and explained exactly what he would do and gave an excellent quote.  Once the job was done, my decision to let a professional handle this job was confirmed.  He did an excellent job, the new gutters look great and the price was right.  Two days later we had our first good rain in about two years and I was really happy the gutters were in place.  I highly recommend Randy's Rain Gutters to anyone looking for a new set of gutters or an upgrade to the old ones.


- Tom V

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Camarillo, CA



Our rain gutter along the side of out two story house was hanging by the

soldering from the one next to it... I was concerned that the wind would take it flying...

Randy came out the same day and put new nails in the entire side. He also checked  the entire house. He was polite and gave me a quote before he started. No extra cost for the extra work he did... By the way he installs rain barrels.

I would suggest using him. He's great... 

Not everyone does gutters on two story homes...


- Michelle S.

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Moorpark, CA



Randy was terrific and did a wonderful job on our gutters. He explained in detail what he was going to do and what materials he was going to use (screens).  I rarely write reviews but felt it was important to write this one. I just hope the water leaves our CLEAN gutters through my drains... Randy, do you also do drains???
Well done. A very satisfied Westlake Village customer.


- Thomas I

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Westlake Village



Randy provided a cost estimate over the phone from the description we provided. We were a couple of feet under on our estimate. Randy did an excellent job and spent more time than I thought he expected to, since he not only installed the gutter, but assembled the rain barrel. This was all done at the agreed price he quoted over the phone. We are extremely happy with the professional job, quality of the work, price and he arrived on time. If you need gutter work, I highly recommend Randy's Gutters.


- John S

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Thousand Oaks, CA



So happy I had Randy install new rain gutters on my house.  When I called for an estimate, he showed up exactly when he said he would.  He was very knowledgeable and I could tell he had a passion for his job.  Randy was very thoughtful about where everything would be placed because he wanted the job to look the best it possibly could.  He saved me a lot of money and a lot of worry.  I definitely recommend Randy's Rain Gutters!"


- David Z

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Moorepark, CA



All the work was done in a professional and efficient manner. Randy has always done what he said he would do, when he said he would do it. I rely on Randy for all install, repair, cleaning and advice concerning the many downspout systems here and highly recommend his services."


- Scott Buonocore

Facilities Manager at Villanova Prep School

Ojai, CA



"We have hired Randy's Rain Gutters on two different occasions to install rain gutters and downspouts in our buildings here at Sacred Heart Church. We appreciate his fast response to our calls, his friendly attitude, and good craftsmanship. We do not hesitate to recommend him."


- Vivian Nichols

Business Manager at Sacred Heart Church

Ventura, CA 



Randy installed gutters on our guest house and did a fabulous job. The results were perfect, but more importantly he was professional and courteous. He also took the time to share clean out tips with my husband. With his friendly demeanor, professional results and fair pricing I don't hesitate to recommend Randy's Rain Gutters! We were very pleased all around.


- Bria D

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San Luis Obispo, CA

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