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Installation | Clean Out | Repair

Have a rain gutter emergency? 

Contact us for 24hr emergnecy service. 

Superior Customer Service

At Randy's Rain Gutters, we are here to serve you! Our customers are the heart and soul of our business and we are here to help you in every way possible. Please contact us so we can be of assistance!

Gutter Cleaning and Clean Out

Cleaning of your gutters is very important. Failing to keep your gutters clean may result in:
  • Stopping the gutters from functioning properly
  • Rotting the fascia boards of your house
  • Water damage and black streaks to your home
  • Damage to the home's foundation
  • Termite problems
Ensure that your rain gutters are ready for the next rain by regularly having a professional cleaning done.
Please see the UltraFlo Screen video here.

UltraFlo Steel Powder Coated Screen

Gutter Installation

At Randy's Rain Gutters, all rain gutters are fabircated onsite to save our customers both time and money. With over 30 colors to choose from, we ensure that the final look will be a perfect custom fit for your home or business. 


Our owner-lead team will work quickly and carefully to complete the project, delivering a finished product that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Gutter Repair

At Randy's Rain Gutters we can repair any gutter from small leaks to replacing any damaged area of the gutter instead of needing to replace the entire gutter.


We offer cost effective repairs for all rain gutter systems. Randy personally repairs the damaged section to protect your investment.

Randy's Rain Gutters Color Choices
Color Options
Randy's offers quality rainware products and accessories in a wide range of popular colors. We have over 35 colors to choose from to match your fascia and wall color as closely as possible. These are just some of the available colors. We will provide the full color range at the time Randy comes out for your free estimate. You can determine what will work best with your home. If need be, they are paintable.
This Limited Lifetime Warranty lasts for the life of the property on which the Products were originally applied for as long as you own the Property.
This Limited Lifetime Warranty may be transferred with the Property. However, upon the transfer, the warranty period will be no more than 50 years from the date of original installation of the Products on the Property.
Full warranty information will be provided upon request at the completion of your gutter installation.
Rain Barrels
Rain Barrels save on your water bill, conserve water and will hold up to 55 gallons each. Randy’s Rain Gutters tries to save you money and with diligent research has found a discount program active in our area! Be Water Wise will reimburse you up to $75 per rain barrel with a limit of four per house. Randy will be happy to provide further information upon request. See SO-Cal Water Smart
Personal Note - My tomatoes thrive and love the unchemically treated water
We have greatly expanded our selection of rain barrels! Just a few of the additions are pictured here. The Rain Wizard Urn 65, the Impressions 50 Bark Rain Saver and the Rain Wizard 50 Stained. We are offering these rain barrels along with several other styles and sizes.

Just ask Randy and he will help you find the Rain Barrel that will fit your needs!
Water is scarce during the summer months and that's when 40% of water is spent outdoors! Why not save your precious resources by using a Good Ideas, Rain Saver. Our rain barrels and other rain harvesting equipment will put every last drop to good use. 600 gallons of water will drain off of a regular 1000 square foot roof after only an inch of rain. Rain barrels are a popular way to capture that rain water. You then keep that water from running off into sewers where most of it ends up leeching into lakes, rivers, and streams, contaminating fragile eco-cultures. And this is water that could be used in your gardens, lawn, or most other around-the-house functions.
Rain Chains

The Rain Chain adds a beutiful look to any home at any time, especially when it rains.


We offer the option to add a rain chain for peaceful sounds and a custom look. With many styles available we can recommend the perfect rain chain for your home or business.

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